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Citroën BX

The BX: its avant-garde dashboard, streamlined design, half hidden rear wheels and hydropneumatic suspension made it a real Citroën. The razor-sharp stylized body however radically broke all design traditions of the brand. Moreover, the BX was full of new, lightweight materials and formed for Citroën a big step forward in terms of quality. The slogan at the introduction, “Voici la nouvelle Citroën”, typified it well: this was not just a new Citroën, it was also a whole new brand identity. Over the years, new versions such as an Estate, a model with automatic transmission, several diesels and all kinds of sporty versions and limited editions contributed to the continuous success. In the end, the BX didn’t just make Citroën financially sound again, but also went down history as one of the most successful Citroëns ever.

Author Thijs van der Zanden describes in his latest book the history of the Citroën BX, from the first prototypes in the early seventies, until the last BX which rolled off the production line in 1994. His book, full of new information and photos that have never been published before, surprising even the most demanding BX-lovers.


BX, voici la nouvelle Citroën




Thijs van der Zanden




22 x 24 cm, 300 pages


full color, hard cover

  1. Van het weekend mocht ik je BX boek ontvangen en ik moet zeggen dat ik het hele weekend heb mogen smullen. Een bijzondere auto waarvan je de geschiedenis op een formidabele wijze hebt beschreven. Ik beschouw het boek als de gouden standaard voor alle andere uitgaven over de BX.
  2. C’est un fantastique travail de très haut niveau que tu as fait là. Un très très beau livre avec une foule de documents.
  3. Zeer goed, zeer grondig en boordevol prima foto's en goed leesbare, boeiende info. Mijn welgemeende complimenten.

€ 37,50

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The BX, isn’t that the Citroën based upon the old Volvo prototype? This myth, along with some other persistent misunderstandings, is debunked in the new BX book by Citrovisie.

Author and Citroën enthusiast Thijs van der Zanden browsed archives, interviewed people involved in the BX history and gathered an incredible amount of images and information. The result of all his work is the new BX book, a wonderful reference work in which treats the Citroën BX in all its aspects.

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