Citroën Visa

Citrovisie is republishing its very first book from 2010: "Citroën Visa - voiture sans frontière". In this book Thijs van der Zanden describes the history of the Visa, beginning at the start of the design process in the early seventies, followed by the introduction to the dealers, the press and the public. Then the evolution of the Visa is described per year, including all technical data, chassis numbers, overview of color and trims, productions and sale figures, etc. Of course the book also describes the sporty performances of the Visas in detail. Although the text is in Dutch, almost 800 illustrations across 304 pages make this book a must-have for the non-dutch speaking Citroën fan as well.


Citroën Visa - voiture sans frontière




Thijs van der Zanden




20 x 30 cm, 304 pages


Full colour, softcover

  1. "Ik ben erg blij met je boek over de Visa. Ongelooflijk wat jij al niet verzameld hebt over dit type. Als je net zo grondig bent bij de Axel, LN ed. dan houd ik me bij voorbaat al aanbevolen voor je nieuwe uitgave(n)."
  2. "Even doorbladeren maakt steeds nieuwsgieriger."
  3. "Je voulais simplement te féliciter pour la qualité et la richesse de la documentation, en particulier beaucoup de photos que je n'avais jamais vues."

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"Citroën Visa, voiture sans frontière" is the story of the Citroën Visa, a car that was quite successful in the early 80s, but today only rings a bell for a few people. Expert Thijs van der Zanden dived into the history of this small Citroën, visited archives at home and abroad and interviewed countless Citroën employees. This resulted in a thick book which not only describes the development and evolution of the Visa from year to year, but is also full of photos, stories and backgrounds.

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