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Do you love cars and are you looking for a really interesting car book? Are you a Citroën enthusiast who wants to know everything about your favourite model or type? Are you perhaps looking for an original gift for a dedicated Citroën fan? Here you will find what you are looking for: beautiful and original books about the history of Citroën, full of information and surprising images.

Axel & Oltcit

For Citroën, the Oltcit and Axel were a disaster. Even brand new ones broke down, leaked oil, parts broke, were plagued by excessive fuel consumption or even spontaneously caught fire. Historically, however, the Oltcit and Axel are very interesting. They are the very last models from the Michelin era: the last designs without the influence of Peugeot. Moreover, the Oltcit and Axel have a long and interesting development history, which is not only linked to the takeover of Citroën by Peugeot, but is also full of political intrigue and industrial espionage between East and West. In this book, author Thijs van der Zanden and translator Axel Bornand describe the history of the Oltcit and the Citroën Axel through numerous facts, funny anecdotes and lots of photos - many never published before. A must for the real enthusiast.
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Citroën CX

Op haast encyclopedische wijze en met veel oog voor detail wordt in dit boek de creatie en evolutie van de Citroën CX beschreven, per modeljaar, per type en tot in de kleinste details. Ook de modellen die nooit verder kwamen dan de tekentafel komen aan bod. Het boek is ruimschoots geïllustreerd met honderden afbeeldingen, waarvan het grootste deel nog nooit eerder werd gepubliceerd. 

‘La véritable histoire de la Citroën CX’ vormt een onmisbaar naslagwerk voor de liefhebber.

Citroën GS & GSA

In this book author Marc Stabèl describes the history of the Citroën GS and GSA. Through numerous facts and additional photos, some of which have never been published before, the development, background and historical context are explained extensively, as well as the evolution of all types from year to year. Compared to the Dutch-language book on the GS and GSA, which Citrovisie published in 2016, this English-language version has been updated and expanded by 36 pages.

Citroën BX

Author Thijs van der Zanden describes in this book the history of the Citroën BX, from the first prototypes in the early seventies, until the last BX which rolled off the production line in 1994. Compared to Citrovisie's first BX book, this new book has been updated with new photos and extra visual material. To meet the needs of non-Dutch-speaking readers as well, this edition has been translated into English by Citroën expert Julian Marsh.

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Through the memories of the grandsons of the founder of the garage, and countless photographs and documents kept by the family over the years, author Matthieu Turel sketches the story of everyday life in a small Citroën garage in the heart of France's least populated department, the Lozère. The book offers a great impression of how the profession of garage owner has changed over the past hundred years. Highly recommended for every car enthusiast.
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Kleintjes in crisistijd

This book describes the history of the compact Citroëns that appeared between 1975 and 1985: the LN, LNA, Visa, Oltcit, Axel and the C15, a van model which was derived from the Visa. The development of these cars coincided with a period of crisis in the history of Citroën. Erroneous strategic decisions, financial problems, the oil crisis, the takeover by Peugeot, the search for a new identity...


The cars outlined in the book 'Reserveblik' ('Spare Cans’) may very well have been born under a bad sign. The 'Elk Merk Waardig' association has been taking care of these outcasts since 2009 and now has published a book about them on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. It contains a colourful mix of thirty models that probably you would never have thought possible. 'Reserveblik' is guaranteed to make you smile.

Citroën CX

In 2014, CX expert Michael Buurma and Thijs van der Zanden of Citrovisie decided to create a unique CX-book. This book has now become the standard work in the CX field and has been reprinted for the fourth time. With great attention to detail, the creation and evolution of the Citroën CX is discussed by model year, by type and down to the smallest detail.
Citroensap 2

Citroensap - part 2

After the success of Citroensap part 1, author Thijs van der Zanden once again describes in this second part many remarkable events, forgotten facts and special models from Citroën's hundred years plus history. Essential reading for anyone looking for an original car book and a must for all Citroën drivers interested in the history of the marque.
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Comic book Citroën GS (F)

Time to relax! In this comic book you will find not one, but two stories in which the Citroën GS plays the leading role. This is the French version.

Comic book Citroën GS (GB)

Two stories in one book in which the Citroën GS plays the leading role. This is the English version.
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