A GS from hand to hand - The crazy adventure of a reasonable car (EN)

Time to relax! In this comic book you will find not one, but two stories in which the Citroën GS plays the leading role.

Eva works for an antique dealer and has to transport a valuable package from Paris to Marseille. When she wants to get on the train she notices she is being followed. She runs away and literally bumps into Gilles, who helps her escape in his Citroën GS. An extraordinary chase follows in which all the qualities of the GS come in handy...

To please his colleague, Citroën salesman Marcel buys a lottery ticket from him. He thoughtlessly leaves the ticket in the glove compartment of the Citroën GS, which he delivers to a customer in the afternoon. That evening it turns out that Marcel's ticket has won the first prize. When he tries to get his ticket back, it turns out that the GS has already changed hands. The beginning of an exciting adventure...

There is an English and a French version of this book. Both versions can be found in the shop. Make sure you choose the right version when ordering.


A GS from hand to hand - The crazy adventure of a reasonable car






21 x 26 cm, 32 pages


full color, soft cover

  1. "Het boek is werkelijk van een on-Nederlandse grondigheid en compleetheid en stelt alles wat er tot nu toe in binnen- of buitenland over de CX is verschenen in de schaduw. Fantastisch!"
  2. "Geweldig boek! Elke bladzijde is een feest om te bekijken en lezen... Prachtige foto's. Subliem!"
  3. "Je viens de recevoir le livre et je peux seulement dire: spectaculaire et insurpassable. Une bible authentique sur la CX."

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